Property investment taken to a new and more sustainable level

We believe that sustainability is profitable

At Fokus Nordic, we are passionate about a sustainable future where the environment and people thrive in harmony. Our core narrative is “Brown to Green,” where sustainability creates value and profit.

We focus on creating value for clients and society by caring for our buildings and users. We respect history and architecture, use quality materials, and reduce our environmental footprint.

Our ambition is to facilitate clients’ green choices and support sustainable investments. We integrate sustainability into our investment strategies and reduce our climate footprint. 

We inspire stakeholders to set ambitious climate goals and develop climate improvement plans for our properties.

We strive for low-energy consumption and modern, healthy leases. When renovating, we minimize resource consumption and waste, prioritizing the preservation of buildings and materials.

Data is key to our sustainable journey, and we make decisions based on solid data collection. Dialogue and collaboration are essential. We work together with clients and partners for well-being, satisfied tenants, and optimal economics.

Carbon Footprint

Our carbon footprint in 2022 include emissions scope 1, 2 and 3 and is compiled according to the internationally recognized standard for climate accounts, the GHG Protocol. We recognize that the majority of our emissions are in Scope 3 and is caused by construction works and building operations in our portfolio.

Our total CO2 emissions in tonnes divided by scopes:

Our focus areas

Energy consumption and climate

We aim to reduce energy consumption and minimize climate impact

  • Reduce climate impacts from properties and our own operations
  • Lower energy consumption in properties through optimizations and energy efficiency
  • Prioritize renewable energy sources
  • Protect properties from climate change and reduce climate risks


Materials and resources

We aim to use resources efficiently, increase recycling, and minimize waste

    • Construct and renovate with low environmental impact
    • Increase proportion of reuse and recycling
    • Establish sustainable construction sites with waste sorting and low environmental impact
    • Ensure responsible procurement from suppliers and partners

Health and well-being

We aim to create high-quality rental properties and be an attractive workplace

  • Create safe and vibrant residential areas with room for communities
  • Develop excellent conditions for modern workplaces with high level of well-being
  • Engage in dialogues and partnerships with tenants about climate solutions
  • Work diligently to ensure a safe and attractive workplace with room for growth and diversity

Customized ESG- and sustainability strategy

We create value for our clients and society by caring for buildings and the people using them. Our dedicated professionals cover the full value chain of services and are dedicated to a service model second to none.

Brown to Green (B2G) Services


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