Norli Liv og Pension outsource asset and property management


Norli Liv og Pension, a Danish Pension company with an outspoken strategy to be market leading in the Nordics within traditional Pensions, has agreed to outsource the asset and property management of its real estate portfolio valued at around DKK 2 billion to Fokus Asset Management. This marks the second large outsourcing partnership that has been awarded to Fokus in Q2 2023.

The portfolio includes the flagship properties Midtermolen 1-3 and Midtermolen 5-7 in Copenhagen, with the latter serving as headquarters for Alm. Brand Group.

Michael Brogaard Rønnelund Rønnelund, COO Fokus Asset Management says, “It is with great enthusiasm that we embark on the task of executing Norli’s strategy, which is centered on optimizing the steady income streams and long-term valuation of the properties.”

Claude Reffs, CEO at Norli Liv og Pension comments, “We are excited to collaborate with Fokus Asset Management to implement our established strategy. We have full confidence that the portfolio will receive exceptional asset and property management, ensuring optimal results that will generate steady income streams and long-term appreciation for our customers”.

Norli Liv og Pension Livsforsikring A/S were founded in 1986 as part of the Alm. Brand Group and were previously known as Alm. Brand Liv og Pension. In the spring of 2022, the name changed to Norli Liv og Pension due to new ownership structure.



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